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I am going to make Swedish cardamom buns this weekend. I've done them before, but always start to finish in the same day. This time, I'd like to start them on Saturday evening, and finish them Sunday morning. Where is the best place in the recipe to stop for the overnight, and how long should I let them sit out the next morning before finishing the recipe?
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Best answer: After shaping is generally when I rest overnight in the fridge for recipes like this. I do it with cinnamon rolls whenever I make them. Do the hard work at night, and in the morning, sit them on top of the oven while it pre-heats.

So, in this recipe: in the middle of step 11, instead of allowing to rise at room temperature, cover with greased plastic wrap or foil and refrigerate until morning.
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Best answer: I agree with doing all the prep and doing the final rise in the fridge. It shouldn't need much time at room temperature - I'd only do additional rise time if it hasn't risen as much as you'd expect.
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Response by poster: Fantastic - thanks, both!
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Two options for into the fridge:

1. What uncleozzy said: after shaping, then out of the fridge and onto the stovetop while the oven gets to temp. The advantage is minimal work on day 2. Possible disadvantage - sometimes the surface gets kind of dried out and thicker in the fridge and inhibits the rise, and sometimes it rises more than you'd want overnight.

2. Bulk rise in fridge - that is, after mixing/kneading. So, day 2, dough gets divided and shaped. Advantages: warms up chilly dough so it speeds up the 2nd rise; dough is often easier to shape when cold. Disadvantages: work in the morning, rise takes longer.

Both can work great.

I tend to favor #2, because I've had a couple of shaped batches that rose way too much in the fridge overnight. That can be mitigated by using cooler water, a shorter bulk rise before shaping, etc.

Here's the great thing: this will substantially improve flavor and keeping quality!

Have fun! Enjoy!
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I almost always shape sweet buns the night before and let them stand for an hour before baking them off in the morning. If there is a brushing/egg wash step prior to baking, though, save that for the next day (can’t see the recipe to be sure about your plans.)
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