STD on Vacation
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I'm on vacation in Europe, and I got an STD. Any tips on mitigating symptoms and pain are appreciated. NSFW details inside

I have a discharge making me think irs gonorrhea or chlamydia. Somehow I got this from oral sex, which I thought was near impossible.

Anyway, I have a doctor's appointment later, and I'm familiar with the treatment regimen, but googling doesn't give me any info about treating the pain and discomfort. I don't want to let this ruin my vacation. What's effective?
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Since you're using the word discharge I'm guessing you're dealing with a vulva/vagina complex. It could be bacterial vaginosis, which you can absolutely get after someone puts their slobber all up in your shit. In which case you're probably going to need an antibiotic to clear it up, but all the regular good advice of scrupulously clean underpants still applies. Hard when you're traveling but if you can boil wash your underwear, do it.
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If it is BV, boric acid suppositories may make a huge difference. But I would not use without seeing a doctor to make sure you don't have something they could make worse.
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f you have a vulva/vagina, I'm sure you want to be extra careful about what you're adding to the environment. When I have experienced vaginal issues in the past, my go to was always an ice pack or a heating pad, depending on what felt better at the time. I've used coconut oil too, but your ask doesn't indicate whether you've got any irritation in addition to discharge. If you are dealing with serious irritation, diaper creams may also be helpful (some have zinc), again it depends on your particular symptoms.

Re bacterial vaginosis. I have gone through some issues with BV - its often asymptomatic except for discharge, which is greyish, and an unpleasant odor. If you don't have those things, it probably ain't BV, but easy for your doctor to check. You can 100% treat BV with either antibiotics or a week or two of nightly boric suppositories which may be easier on your system than antibiotics, especially if you are traveling. Personally I prefer the boric treatment
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If it is BV, this - recommended by my GP - works like a charm. I use the gel tubes. On occasion, I struggle with BV after my period or after trying out a new body wash or detergent, and these tubes sort thing out and are 100% natural.
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Discharge is a pretty common symptom of many STDs for penis having people as well. A barrier cream (cheapest as a diaper rash treatment) can be useful in this case if you have a foreskin until actual treatment can be obtained because it discourages the discharge from wicking in between layers of skin.

PS: many forms of STDs can be transmitted orally. Chlamydia especially because it can exist somewhat asymptomaticly in mouth/throat tissues.
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I agree that it's likely bacterial vaginosis, which can be treated with borax suppositories inserted directly into the vagina. I second the recommendation above! A pharmacist could help you get them and likely without a prescription. (How they're available in the US, for example, as an OTC drugstore option; I get mine online.) Of course, an appointment with a doctor is best but it surely can wait. However, if you tell us the country you're in, perhaps we can help find you some resources. Is there anyone local you can ask, like this sexual partner? BV can be very painful but isn't the same level of concern as gonorrhea or chlamydia.

I have OCD so I have had some big freakouts regarding my vagina in the past; it sounds like you're experiencing one right now yourself. You have my -- our -- support and no judgment! Likewise, truly whatever it is, everything will be OK; likely it's much, much smaller than the nightmare scenarios you're imagining now. <3
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