Sharper Image Shiatsu Dome Foot Massager
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Has anyone out there used this product? It looks great for my achey feet but at $199 and non-returnable, I would like some honest reviews!
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Best answer: We use these. They do feel good. We used them every day for a couple years. One wore out and we liked it enough to get another. I was disappointed that it didn't seem to help my husband's foot (paralyzed from a stroke). But if it just makes you relaxed I guess that's enough. And right now we are not using it because it seems like too much hassle to get it out when we have so many things to do in the morning.
I looked at Amazon reviews and there are just a ton of positive reviews for these type of machines.
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Best answer: We had a similar model. It’s definitely relaxing, but it’s more of a foot rub than a burly massage. We ended up donating it because it didn’t get used much.
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