Why is Windows 11 lagging on my NUC?
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I upgraded to Windows 11 Pro on my Intel NUC last week and ever since, the lag time between clicking on ANYTHING and that app/function opening/doing its thing lags for up to a minute. What can I do to fix this?

I got a 10th Gen i3 NUC last year that came with Windows 10 Pro. I modded it for more memory and a bigger SSD. All was fine, and then I upgraded to Windows 11 Pro last week. The lagging was immediate. I tried rebooting first, then disabling some of the processes in terms of the mic and camera, contacts, calendar, etc., disabled certain startup functions I don't need, and went into sysdm.cpl and reset it to run for best performance, and nothing. I went to the NUC forum to see if there was anyone with as similar problem, and there seemed to be no one else dealing with this except me. I still have more hang time than Michael Jordan on the Bulls in 1987. It's like Vista all over again. :|

Is there anything I can do short of rolling back to Windows 10 that might set things right?
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I assume you checked Performance Monitor to see if any processes were chewing-up CPU time? Also, try disabling the network interface to see if that makes a difference. I've seen instances where a problem with the NIC caused lags, though not as long as the ones you describe.
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Oh my goodness I am writing this while on a break from fighting with something similar on my work computer - but it’s a trashy Dell running Windows 10. It cropped up within the past few days. I’ve been checking the Performance tab of the Task Manager - my problem seems to be that the Disk Utilization is at 100% or extremely high most of the time. I’m then trying to use the resource manager and event logs and various questionable software tips websites to try to experiment from there. I had some temporary luck killing some high-disk-usage Windows search and indexing processes via the resource manager but disk usage went right back up after a while and returned me to lag city. I’ll be following this question, but I’d recommend checking the task manager for some details to start to see if that gives you any info!
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I’ve finally found this is the Windows anti malware and update services but only got part way through fixing the problem… they’ve made it pretty difficult. V frustrating.
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From what I have read elsewhere (HN), it seems that after a day or two, Windows 11 begins aggressively indexing/scanning attached storage - possibly to build a search index. However - with an SSD, this shouldn't be that bad - should be a background process, but - perhaps they messed-up CPU consumption/prioritization.

Try disabling Search/Indexing-related services.
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I'm just having the same issues in general after the upgrade. Windows 11 seems to suck really bad, from Bluetooth to performance to everything. I'm thinking of rolling back, too.

I was thinking more like Windows 7 rather than Vista, but yeah. Sigh.
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Response by poster: So I have tried all these methods, and it’s still slow. My CPU and memory usage isn’t all that high. The indexing service refuses to stop, and it doesn’t seem to be the malware service, either. I think I’m going to roll back to 10. The status quo is unacceptable.

I appreciate everyone’s suggestions! Thank you.
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Best answer: You might look into Tron to clean some of the crap that gets installed, and Windows 10 debloater (which should work on 11 - according to some of the articles I've read - but caveat emptor).

My 2012 Windows 10 was pretty nippy, but when I ran these it was almost turbo-charged.
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Response by poster: Thank you, urbanwhaleshark, I will try this before I finally throw in the towel and let you all know the outcome.
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Response by poster: Update: I used Tron. It took 7 hours, and while I wouldn't say it's turbo-charged, it's done the job I need it to do. Thanks very much, urbanwhaleshark!
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