Where is the 2nd Seattle Starbucks location with vegan whip?
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Apparently there are 2 Starbucks locations in Seattle that are offering vegan whipped cream. One is public, in Bellevue. Does anyone know where the 2nd "secret" location is?

I'm going to Seattle next month and I'm interested in trying out the lentil-based vegan whipping cream that's, according to this article, supposed to be offered at 2 locations in the area.

The first location is 1350 156th Ave. NE in Bellevue, WA 98007, and the second location is "secret".

Does anyone know where the 2nd "secret" location is? I'm hoping it's closer to the city centre.

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I have no idea, but I would try posting this on r/starbucks on reddit and see if any of the baristas there can clue you in.
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Not certain but it's a lead: I used to work in Sodo and the Starbucks at 1962 1st Ave S, down the street from their HQ, often seemed to have test menu items like this.
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I was also going to suggest the cafe nearest the HQ. Might be worth at least popping in (or calling) and asking.
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Yeah, I worked at HQ (now I WFH) and I’d say First & Weller would be a good guess based on past experience. I have no insider knowledge, however.
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Best answer: Maybe you got this answered elsewhere, but in case you hadn't, the second store is in Renton.
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Best answer: More specifically

641 Rainier Ave S, Renton, WA 98057
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