What kind of fish is this?
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Got various fish from a fishmonger a few weeks ago, about to cook one up, can't remember what kind it is, any ideas?

Any suggestions for how to cook it? Was just gonna sprinkle with oil, salt, thyme, and rosemary, see how it goes.
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Looks like some sort of grouper, grilling is fine. On the other hand, since I hope you have been freezing this fish, a fish soup or stew might be better. I don't have an online recipe, but I think googling bouillabaisse and modifying to your reality will work.
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Best answer: White fish tends to be milder; darker fish tends to have a stronger flavor. Your stated plan sounds tasty to me.

I like white fish with a light batter - dip in egg wash, then in rice or wheat flour, saute gently on medium in butter/ oil, then a generous squeeze of lemon.

Oilier fish like tuna or salmon (that's not a tuna or salmon), works well with grilling for smoky flavor, or a nice soy, brown sugar, & ginger glaze.
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Looks like Tilapia.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all, whatever it was it was tasty. Even pulled from the freezer, it still had the fresh off the boat flavor!
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Best answer: First guess would be black bream.
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White fish can be steamed with some light soy sauce and plenty of ginger (sliced) and lots of chopped cilantro and scallions. And you don't need a steamer or wok. You can just use a large pot or deep skillet
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