Nurses! What's on your feet?
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Nurses of MeFi...What is your preferred daily footwear?

Over the years, I began paying attention to what shoes the nursing staff are wearing, with the intent of using what I see as a reference for my own daily footwear needs. I assume their needs are similar to mine, comfort, cushion, support, durability? But, I never remember to actually ask what they are wearing. I only notice brands. Brooks, for instance, seems to be a very popular shoe in my neck of the woods. I have no clue which models, though.

So, nurses of MeFi, what shoes do you prefer for your everyday workwear?
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My wife is a nurse. She says there's two schools of thought.

The first is to wear expensive running shoes / sports shoes with lots of cushion. They are expensive, but comfortable for lots of fast movement (running down the halls) and getting lots of steps.

The second, and the one most experienced nurses stick with, are Dansko clogs. They are expensive but comfortable for standing still for a long time.

My wife doesn't like Danskos... because of the image, more than the comfort.
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Sanita clogs (NOT Danskos!). The Sanitas are what Danskos were before they were moved to manufacturers in China and the instep was changed. 13hr shifts and never a problem. They can also be wiped down in the event of an...unfortunate exposure to bodily fluids. This is something that can't be done with sneakers. Oh, and my Sanitas are painted with cool animals on them.

I do wear Hoka One One Edges with Aetrex insoles in real life, though.
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The Nike Air Zoom Pulse was developed specifically for nurses, though I don't think I've ever seen a nurse wearing them (not a nurse myself, more of a person who likes sneakers).
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My wife is a veterinary nurse, and I have heard the same sneaker/clog binary that bbqturtle mentions. One additional aspect of that divide is that clogs require a breaking in period while sneakers are pretty much as comfy as they are going to be right away. The downside of that is that clogs tend to last much longer. There are multiple brands of each (obvious for sneakers, but there are more options than just Danskos in the clog sector) and that choice tends to depend on the individual. My wife prefers sneakers, but has found that she just cannot wear Nike, for whatever reason.
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I’m an RN, and I fall in the sneaker camp on the sneaker/clog divide because I’m prone to rolling my ankles in clogs. YMMV, but I know I’m not the only weak-ankled nurse who tried clogs and failed. My current sneakers are Merrell Antora 2 and I can’t say enough good about them.
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I have wide feet and easily rolling ankles - New Balance for me, thanks.
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I'm a vet nurse as well and I have always preferred sneakers. Asics are the brand I've found to be the most consistently comfortable.
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I vastly preferred the firmness of Sanitas...any kind of sneaker caused plantar fascists. So feet are picky...
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I'm an RN. I've worn Brooks Ghost running shoes for years. Currently I am wearing Asics Gel Nimbus running shoes. Both are good, although I will go back to Brooks Ghost since I feel they are slightly better for me over the Asics. They both have lots of cushion, comfort, and support.
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I suffer the plantar fascitis and that was solved with Vionics.
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I did an informal survey of staring at nurse feet as I walked around my unit at the hospital this afternoon and saw probably 20 pairs of sneakers and 2 pairs of clogs. All sneakers for the patient techs, respiratory therapists, and rehab team as well. I can’t say brands/models but definitely way more sneakers than anything else. I know I’ve seen a number of Hoka One One wearers, but that’s the only obvious recognizable brand.
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I wear both: Hoka One One or New Balance sneakers, and Alegria clogs. I like the Alegrias because they're not as stiff as Dansko/Sanita.
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Hoka One Ones with custom insoles for me, an RN with bunions and plantar fasciitis. They are heavier than a lot of other sneakers, which can take some getting used to, but they're super supportive and have made a noticeable difference in my foot pain.

I tried clogs when I first started out, but I have weak ankles and the rolling was a real issue. Now I wear sneakers that combine the supportiveness of clogs with more ankle support. I think more experienced nurses tend to wear clogs because they're older and came up in an era when a) sneakers weren't seen as adequately professional and b) sneakers weren't as good and didn't have as many options as they do now. Overall, sneakers dominate the nurse world these days. Hokas are popular, but I also see a lot of Brooks, Asics, New Balance, and Saucony.
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I know a few on-their-feet (but maybe fewer steps than a nurse) medical professionals who wear Blundstones.
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