DJ sets to get me through the workday
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I am looking for DJ sets to get me through the workday. Something like Triple J's Mix Up, because I like the variety, but with longer sets, because I hate interrupting my flow every hour to find a new set. (If it had a playlist function that would solve all my problems, but alas no.) Snowflake details inside.

I love SomaFM but they don't do sets and they're missing some genres that work well for me when I'm working. YouTube's advertising interruptions are even worse than picking a new mix when it comes to interrupting my flow.. I do not have Spotify and don't plan to get it.
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Best answer: What genres are you looking for? NTS and are two internet radio stations I listen to a lot while working, and they’re mostly/all DJ sets. They lean towards the techno/electronic/experimental side but they play all kinds of things. No ads, listener-supported.
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Best answer: Can be Drum-n-Bass if that's up your alley.
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Best answer: BBC Essential mixes are rather fantastic this way, with almost 30 years of archives, 2-hour duration by default, & no ads.
You might ask, though, "How do I listen to them after they're out of the live BBC restreaming window?"
Soundcloud: BBC Essential Mix Repost (better choice for avoiding ads)

For completeness, here's some Youtube options for sources if you find a way to avoid ads on there that works for you:
Youtube: Classic DJ Sets
Youtube: Driving Music (where someone sets these & other sets to driving footage)

All told that should cover about 400 work days, so it'll keep you busy for a bit.
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Best answer: It depends on what you want to listen to, but Mixcloud is often pretty good at this kind of thing.
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Best answer: has a whole bunch of super-clean advert-free deep house mixes you can download
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Came in to post the BBC Essential mixes too, really recommend.
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Best answer: How about Test Pressing? Just checked, they have more than 500 mixes up there. Lots of different DJs, but most are on the laid-back side (downtempo house, balearic, world, etc.), so they'd be good for working. I don't think they play continuously, so every hour or two, you'd have to click to the next one.
They're also available for download and you could make your own, ad-free mp3 playlist.
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Best answer: Just, uh, throwing it out there that I've heard that youtube downloaders are grrrrrreat for avoiding the every 5 minute advertising that breaks up the flow otherwise. And then using vlc to rip out the audio track, and something like mp3split to break it into individual tracks if there's a good track listing and ... Ok, maybe that's a bit fussy. Anyhow.

And while they tend to only be hour long sets Miss Monique does melodic house / progressive techno, if you download them and throw them into a playlist, it's not so bad.
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Best answer: Previously on AskMe, or How I Learned About Lo-Fi Girl. They stream chill music, have no ad breaks, and the repetitions are rare enough for me to notice.
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Best answer: I ... expected you'd have local copies of music and a playlist or queue so you can set up a full day of music -- maybe you're only streaming from web sites.

DNA Lounge (SF) has been streaming parties live online for 15-20 years and since lockdown has an archive at their YouTube Channel. Most recordings are 3h long, some go to 4h30m (with a small subset repeating stuff from the first half in the second set).
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Best answer: Check out the Kleptones Soundcloud. Electro, jungle, breaks, and more. Mashups. I feel like I'm the only one who ever suggests them, but they are a lot of fun. Most are at least 2 hours, no ads and no breaks, some run into 3-5 hours, thought they might get atmospheric.

has been streaming parties live online I haven't heard anyone refer to these as parties for a long time! This is how we distinguished "raves" and clubs from the real thing, all night long, sometimes illegal, and always good!
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