Amazon Photos hates me
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Something that should be immensely simple is baffling me, and although it's a trivial problem, it's messing up an app I love and use a lot. HELP. The problem: ever since I updated to the latest version of the iOS Amazon Photos app (8.0.0 I believe), I can't add photos to the shared Family Vault. The option simply isn't there.

How it should work: I should be able to select a photo, click the 'plus' icon, and then choose 'add to family vault'.

How it actually works: when I select a photo and click the 'plus' icon, there is no option to add to the family vault.

The shared family vault still exists and can be accessed through the website, so it's not gone. I've tried:
- Deleting and re-installing the app (didn't change anything)
- Signing out and signing back in again to the account
- Joining the Amazon product forum and asking the question there (they copy pasted the 'how to add a photo to the family vault' advice - I know how to do it, it's just not working)
- checking I'm logged in to the right Amazon account (I am)
- googling the issue (I can't find anyone else complaining about this problem online)

My husband is having the same problem on his updated iOS app, so it doesn't seem to be just one specific installation of the app.

Why this is annoying me so much - we use Amazon photos to backup family photos and also to share pictures of our kid with close relatives through the family vault. I'd like to fix this before we have a Sad Granny who hasn't seen any new pictures of her grandchild in days. I feel this is a longshot, but can anyone help?
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Best answer: I looked up the app on the iPhone App Store and there are lots of recent reviews complaining about the same thing. Points towards its being a bug, in which case sooner or later they'll figure that out and fix it.
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When we looked into moving from google photo to amazon photo vault for our family shared albums, I had a similar problem (on IOS)

The choice to upload was only to upload ALL of your photos, or none of them. It could just let you select photos like in google photo.

I'm not sure if that has changed, but like you, I wanted to choose a few photos and sync them to the amazon vault.

I think amazon photo is set up more like google photo, where all your photos sync. Then... apparently sharing to the vault just shares ALL your photos not just some. Obviously not perfect for anyone with an odd assortment of photos (I have hundreds of photos of store shelves).
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