Help me with my drawing set up
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I like to draw. I'm very much a beginner. I'd like to have a simple set up to be able to draw using my computer. What do I need to do this?

Sorry I don't know what any of the technology is called or is available. I have a computer writing thingy - is that a stylus? I have an old iPad. I have a Mac. The stylus doesn't work great on the iPad, it is slow and jumps around and I tend to lean my hand on the iPad to steady my hand and that also messes with it. I haven't tried to use it on my Mac. Can you help me with a relatively inexpensive set up suggestion that I could use in bed at night to relax including what computer program or app I should buy?
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Do you want to draw on the iPad or your computer? If you want to draw on the computer, you'll need a tablet, like one of the ones from Wacom.

Your stylus won't work with the Mac. The stylus is made to write/draw on a screen, and you can't write/draw on your Mac's monitor. That's what the tablet would be for.

If you want to draw on the iPad, Procreate seems to be the most popular drawing app these days, but you'll have to see if it's compatible with whatever OS is on your old iPad. And since your stylus doesn't work great, you'd definitely need to get one that lets you actually draw without jumping.

If you need to update, then a low end iPad, and apple pencil, and procreate would be the way to go.
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For your hand reacting to the drawing surface, you can buy a drawing glove that covers most of your hand and the two fingers resting on the screen.
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There's a lot of relevant information in the answers to this previous question. That user's ask is a bit more specific than yours, but the answers cover a fair amount of ground that may be useful to you.
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