Finding a narrow wedge/triangular side table
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I have a chair slightly angled away from a wall, and I'd like to find a side table that will fit in the triangular gap between the wall and chair. I'm having trouble finding a table that will fit the space. Here's two pictures of the chair with a wedge pillow of about the same size as the table I want and a drawing of the dimensions of the ideal table (2' long with 1' at its widest and 4" wide at the narrow end). The table doesn't need to match that size perfectly as I have some room for adjusting the chair. Can anyone find a table for me?

(Also note in the first photo there are floor lamp legs that the table legs would have to fit around, although I can always get a different type of lamp with a smaller base)

The only table I found that could work is this one on Etsy for $250, and I've confirmed with the seller that they could customize one for me with my dimensions for no extra cost. And although I think $250 is a fair price for a custom table, it's about twice what I want to spend and I'd rather not have the many months turnaround time.

I found plenty of wedge shaped tables, but all were too wide with typically 16" on one end and 8" on the other.

(I've thought of making a table top myself with my OK carpentry skills and OK tools and ready-made legs, but for reasons I'm not up to doing it myself at the moment. Another self-make option I thought about was using a 1'x2' section of a 3.5" gluelam beam carved on a CNC machine. I've reached out to a friend who has one in his workshop, but again, it's not a good time for me to spend the time on a project with a tool I have no experience with.)
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Best answer: How about this one?
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Response by poster: teremala - That's just about perfect. Thanks!
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