Posting passport for verification UK pre-settled status
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A young EU student in the UK has had pre-settled status since last year, but is in the process of changing their nationality from one EU country to another. UK authorities require sending the new passport by post for verification. Any idea how long it currently takes to get the passport back?

And is there really no way around this? No bureau of endless queues where they could spend an entire day if needed, but in the end be done with it?

The new passport is their only valid ID. Seems absolutely insane to have to do send it away (esp. as the original presettled status could be applied for by scanning online!). Yet, if they follow the steps on the website, this is the only option given to them in case of new passport/nationality.

They get questioned about their status every time they visit home and travel back to the UK, and it's currently linked to a passport/nationality that is about to expire any day now (as soon as the renouncing of the old citizenship has been processed). So this needs to get sorted quickly.

For some strange reason, I just can't seem to find any recent information about the processing time online. What am I missing?
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Best answer: I only have anecdotal evidence from a few friends/acquaintences, who were surprised to have identity documents back from verification within a week. The most safe practice would be to use 'Signed For' recorded delivery and to enclose in the package a pre-prepared 'Signed For' return envelope ... in case the political "hostile environment" thing becomes personal.
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