Recommendations for a 2-day WFH set up near Big Sur in early December?
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Looking for your best recommendations for a nice place to spend two nights near Big Sur while having to also do a bit of work!

I’m looking for a 2-night stay somewhere in the vicinity of Big Sur (eg. Carmel, Monterey, maybe further down the coast if necessary) where I can get:
a) a 100% reliable WiFi connection for teleconferencing,
b) ideally a room separate to the bedroom in which I can conduct 4-5 hours of absurdly early morning meetings, without waking up the partner I’m travelling with, and
c) close enough to do day trips to Big Sur.

I’ve been looking around on AirBnb and there are some possibilities but reviewer feedback frequently mentions sketchy WiFi, which is a dealbreaker! It is essential that I have a good connection for those meetings. I am happy to consider hotels, though it seems harder to get the separate room setup. Budget of around USD2-300, could go up if necessary. I would also be happy to consider places beyond the obvious Carmel/Monterey — I just don’t really know the area at all — though it would be nice if I could be not too far from the sea. Very grateful for any recommendations!
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Check out Pacific Grove, cute little seaside town and Wifi is more reliable than near Big Sur.
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Esalen I understand this venue is the darling of Silicon Valley retreats nowadays, so they should have reliable WiFi.
posted by effluvia at 10:27 AM on November 14, 2021

Check out Pacific Grove

...and stay at Asilomar, if you can get in. Sometimes, multi-night stays there aren't possible.
posted by Rash at 10:54 AM on November 14, 2021

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