How can I store and organize my digital photos?
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Obviously, I have particular requirements (mainly tagging)...

I have a bunch of miscellaneous photos that I'd like to organize. This is for personal use only; I don't need the photos to be visible to anyone else.

I'd probably prefer a hosted service, but I'd be willing to consider a desktop application. (I have a Mac. I haven't really checked out the Photos app that comes with MacOS, but I kinda hate most Apple apps.)

Most importantly, I want the ability to use tags as my primary organizational strategy. I want to be able to tag photos with things like: who is in them (e.g., "Lucy" or "Mango" [my cat]); where they were taken (e.g., "my old apartment in Fooville"); what event they were taken at (e.g., "cookout" or "Scott's birthday party 2017"), or whatever else I like. I might not even use folders.

If it has features that can help me identify and clean up duplicate copies of photos, that's great too.

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Without knowing what specifically you hate about Apple apps, I will say Photos does all of that stuff except finding duplicates.

I personally use Lightroom CC, but it does have a fairly significant monthly subscription fee. I'd generally advise folks to first try Photos and see if it meets your needs before jumping into Lightroom.
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OneDrive has tags and supports Macs.
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NeoFinder can be used for more than just photos. It is extremely robust and the developer is very active. Migrating from one photosystem to NeoFinder is pretty easy. For deduping, I always used specialized tools for that task. NeoFinder works on OSX and iOS and is a universal app. It works on both my intel and M1 mac equipment. I also like the fact that it is not a subscription-based software package and an excellent tagging system. You can file it or pile it as long as you point the software to where your stuff is then you should be fine.
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I've had a good experience with Mylio. It is a free desktop app that can sync photos between multiple devices to make sure they are all backed up and safe. It has a premium service to get additional features.

It has great features for tagging and editing and recognizing people.

By default nothing is backed up to the cloud, but if you store your photos in a folder saved in Dropbox/other cloud service, then that gives you additional peace of mind.

Google photos and Amazon photos are other options if you want something completely cloud based.
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