Reputable Siamese Cat Breeder in Texas?
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Asking for a friend. It is her lifelong dream to have 2 Siamese kittens. Do you know of a reputable siamese cat breeder within ~6 hours of the Houston area? We're not finding much to go on via Google (or they seem a little scammy/sketchy), wondering if this is more of a word of mouth thing or if there are other resources you might know of.
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This Petfinder search result shows 25 Siamese kittens in the Houston area. I hope that helps.
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Random-bred Siamese can be easy to find during kitten season - is there a reason she wants cats from a breeder? Kitten season is usually spring to fall, so finding kittens at a shelter or rescue can be hit or miss until then.

As for breeders, hit the CFA or TICA shows and see who is in the area. Without being in the "pet biz", like working as a groomer or at a vet clinic, this is probably the fastest way to find someone with kittens.
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Best answer: I recently learned that private Facebook groups are a pretty good source of info on dog breeders and available pups. I suspect they're equally helpful to people looking for kittens. There are definitely posts from scammers but also a lot of people who can help you figure out if a particular breeder is reputable and (for dogs at least) a lot of info about what you should be looking for in a breeder. A quick search on Facebook turns up a couple of groups about purebred cats in general and a few groups specific to Siamese cats. If your friend has a Facebook account or is willing to create one, I would suggest joining all those groups.
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You can find kittens with "point" markings from rescue groups. If you want a purebred Siamese cat from a breeder, one of the CFA affiliated cat clubs is a good place to start.

Be aware that many purebred cats, including Siamese, are prone to numerous health problems.
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When I was searching for Siamese cats I started with rescues. I went with a now-retired group, but in my search there seemed to be a weirdly disproportionate number of Siamese rescues in the west (especially California).
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I grew up with two Siamese cats. They are amazing animals. Be sure to research them first though. They are extremely acrobatic and athletic, very loud and become extremely attached to humans and very affectionate. They feared almost nothing. As for intelligence? One of ours was extremely smart, the other? Not so much. This can be great—but not everyone wants a pet that can be so demanding of attention and that can get into nearly everything (one of ours used to jump from the floor and perch on top of opened doors!). They can try your nerves if you are used to more "normal" cats.
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I grew up with two Siamese cats.

So did I.
Long before the extreme Wedge face that's been bred into them now.

SoberHighland is not kidding.
They can be a handful.

One liked to perch on top of open doors as well , She loved to swat you when you walked by.
( how she got up there, I don't know)

Perched on your shoulder like a Siamese cat was a definite characteristic.

One liked to play fetch. She would also come when you whistled.
They're smart, talkative and very playful.
They are also very mischievous,

One used to like pushing things off high places.
Just for the joy watching them fall.

Them getting into one thing or another, that they shouldn't, was common.
A Christmas tree is just another toy
They require more attention than other breeds.
So I agree with SoberHighland, they're not for everyone
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Response by poster: Thank you to Redstart for the suggestion to look at Facebook groups. She is picking up her kittens today from a nice lady we found through an FB group.
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