indoor house socks/tabi toe/sockassins?
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I'm looking for something nifty to pull on over my socks I can wear around the house.

We are a shoe free home pretty much. In the winter, I wear flip flops a lot of the time as they insulate against cold floors and it works pretty well. Still, there are times I'm wearing socks and mooching around the house and this wears socks out walking about in them.

What kind of pull over sock-tabi-house shoe- sockassin might be good for this?

I found this item on amazon but the quality seems a bit iffy so I'm not in a rush to buy this particular product though that's pretty much what I'm looking for.
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Instagram has been pushing these slipper socks on me pretty hard in the last 2 months but I haven't yet purchased them. (I probably will, unless this thread bears a lot of good fruit.)
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The traditional solution to this is slippers, perhaps the felted wool and leather kind. But perhaps you don't want slippers for some reason, based on the options you've listed. People I know seem to really like Glerups.
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I bought 6 pairs of these slippers from IKEA. I keep them all over the house. I run them through the washing machine once in a while. I camp with them.
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I wear these Crocs-alikes around the house with socks. They run sort of big so it works pretty well.
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Crocs! They weigh nothing, are insulating, and easily slip on over thick, fuzzy socks.
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+1 vote for house Crocs.
Lately, I've used a pair of Adidas slides for this (make sure to get the ones with the cushy soles)
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The thing I miss most is plain old moccasins. No rubber sole, just soft leather all around. No fleece or any of that jazz. Sadly haven't been able to find them since the pair I bought at a reservation.
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Birkenstock Shearling Arizona
I have this problem and have not found a better solution than these easy on and off foot-cuddlers
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I like my Falke slipper socks (mine are the cosyshoe ones with a felt sole).
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I own the Acorn slipper sock you link to - I bought directly from Acorn though. They're a legitimate slipper company. The quality seems fine, not amazing. I don't wear them too often because they're a bit tight for me to pull on (but I have weaker arms/grip). And one is tighter woven than the other. They have more of a cushioned sole than I was expecting. I'm not a fan of the 'cloud cushion sole' so it's weird for me.

I'm kinda confused what you're looking for though. Do you want a pair of slippers, or do you want slipper socks, or do you want house shoes? Any of these will be something other than bare socks on floors. Do you want slip-on or something you need to sit down to put on? What sort of sole do you want?

LL Bean has a slipper sock that you also might like.
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I just got these Hoka slides to wear instead of slippers for plantar fasciitis reasons. They're hideous but comfy and good with socks on.
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I’m a big fan of Snoozies. You can find them all over, often gift shops have them, big box retailers, Amazon, etc. I have US women’s size 7 feet and wear a medium, which is a little roomy but with socks underneath are just right. They come in designs that range from classy to ridiculous to bright - I have two pairs, one that’s rainbow tie dye and one that’s navy with a cute owl and moon appliqué.

I like them because they have these nonslip dots on the bottom that aren’t sticky and don’t feel bad when I have my feet curled beneath me and touching my skin. The soles are very flexible but more insulation than socks. The insides are very fluffy and soft. There is no construction around the ankles or tightness over the toes. To wash them I just turn them inside out and put in with the rest of my laundry. They store flat and don’t shed fuzzies. They keep my whole foot warm, no cold heels or toes.
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I generally am not the sort of person to shell out for fancy house slippers, but a family member regifted me a pair of these about a decade ago and they are the best and I have not worn them out yet.
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I can vouch for Bomba's Gripper Slippers.
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I wear leather moccasins with no outer sole, like zengargoyle mentions. The search term is 'tipi moccasin' and lots of companies make them. Please buy from indigenous makers!
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I don't think you can go wrong with Acorn. I believe they have long been worn on the ISS/Space Shuttle. I have a different model that I've had for almost a year and am very happy with. They have worn very well, including (very rare and brief) outside use. I think they tend to run a little large, but returns and exchanges via Amazon are pretty easy.
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These are great!
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I have these and I love them
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2nding Snoozies. i keep a pair in my suitcase and everyone i love has gotten them as gifts.
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Another vote for Crocs, and I would recommend specifically against the fur lined ones. The fur is unnecessary, you just wear your socks with regular Crocsand then they don't get gross and sweaty like house slippers can. They have been my fave quarantine buy.
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I wear my Oofos slip on sandals in the house and let me tell you, they are fantastic. You can wear them with socks,or without in the summer. And so supportive! Really, try them. I suffered from sore legs and feet last summer until I got these. Plus you can just rinse them off and dry if they ever need
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Instagram has been pushing these slipper socks on me pretty hard in the last 2 months but I haven't yet purchased them. (I probably will, unless this thread bears a lot of good fruit.)

Hi I'm back. I bought the slipper socks and I LOVE THEM. They are warm and cozy and extremely comfortable, seem to be made well, and have already been through a wash/dry cycle with no ill effect. Might not be what you're looking for specifically, but someone might be looking for slippers like these, and I am happy to recommend them.
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