Are there temp agencies or other easy ways to start working from home?
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Are there any temp agencies or large firms that offer work from home jobs at around $15 per hour? (New York City/New York state, if it matters.)

There are a seeming infinite number of job listings for work from home jobs, but rather than spend all day applying to jobs, I would rather go to a temp agency or company that could hire and place me quickly, or that has direct job opportunities.

I have a master's degree and office experience, and I suspect I am more than qualified, but I'm looking for the most direct way to get started working. I have worked for physically based temp agencies in the past, and I'm wondering if something similar exists for virtual or work-from-home opportunities.
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Sure, but temp agencies suuuck (many times). Try Poached, Craigslist or JobsBear. There are so so many ready-set- go jobs on Craigslist, operated by app right now.
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My company is mostly-remote since the beginning of the pandemic and we hire people through staffing agencies on occasion (software developers and QA people, mostly). So this is definitely a thing. I think we just use the same staffing agency we used before we went remote. So you might just want to contact the temp agencies you've worked with before and ask if they're placing people in remote jobs.
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Some retailers are offering 15/hour for home order reps. Start visiting sites of larger online retailers. Most jobs will end around Christmas.
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My company offers circa 23$ for call centre work at home on FreeUp. Loads of different roles there.
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Look into Upwork!
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