Is there now an easy process to download Google Photo Pics?
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Despite my better judgement, I updated Google Photos. Now, I can't easily download pics to my hard drive and I have hundreds of pics with the extension jpg.ison. Help me to fix the mess i made and if possible come up with a process for easily downloading photos fro Google Photos to my hard drive?

For years I have had a work process of easily downloading photos to my my hard drive and then into LIghtRoom where I can work on them. With Googles latest update, this no longer seems possible. Google wants me to use Google Takeout for the download. When I did that, somehow it downloaded most of the pictures Iv'e taken over the years and they now have an extension jpg.ison. Is there a simple way to chage the extensions and to have an easy download process?
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For me it's as simple as opening Photos in Google's Chrome browser, selecting the photos I want, then pressing shift-D. They're downloaded as a zip file if I've selected more than one photo. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you need?
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It sounds like you're using the recently forced update to the Google Drive desktop app - you might be able to select the files you want to sync/download and choose to make them available offline but I'm not in a position to try that myself. I've always just used the browser-based interface like Anadem mentioned, which might be the easier way after this update.

I have no idea about the jpg.ison (though I assume you mean json) files; does this link help?
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Response by poster: Just realized that my problem is part of the ongoing Google/Apple battle. I've always done my workflow in Safari. Since I updated Photos the above problem started. I just tried my process in Chrome and it works fine. Thanks.
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