Recommendations for bars with heated patios in Minneapolis
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I trying to find bars or coffee shops in Minneapolis that are going to have outdoor seating/heated patios during the fall or winter. Looking for a casual place where you could meet up with a friend or colleague for a drink or coffee, cannot have romantic vibes at all or be so loud that you can't have a conversation. There's lots of articles on this topic online, but they're from fall 2020, when there wasn't an indoor option due to COVID. Some bars had heated patios or fire pits.

Now, I can't find anything online about whether anyplace is still doing this. I wouldn't have been comfortable doing this last winter, but now that I am fine with being around people outdoors, it seems like everyone else has moved on and is comfortable being indoors. Does anyone have any recommendations? I still don't know the city very well because I moved here right before the pandemic started.

Enclosed heated tents were a thing too, but that defeats the purpose of being outside.

I would also be interested in knowing whether the establishment does a "we'll keep this going until there's snow on the ground" thing or keeps it open all winter. There must be somewhere frequented by Minnesotans who are proud of how much they don't mind the cold?

Thanks neighbors!
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Psycho Suzy's has a huge patio. I am not sure how heated it is these days, but has 2 or 3 floors, so often one will be louder than the other.
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Best answer: No specific recs, but I would strongly suspect that any place that did this last winter will also do it this winter. Igloos and heated patios and fire pits and ice bars and wandering around outdoors with mulled wine were big here *before* the pandemic.
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Best answer: Here's a current list. There will be way more once it gets actually cold.
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Broken Clock Brewery has quirky themed igloos available.
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Best answer: Utepils just set their beer garden up for winter this past week.

There are semi-enclosed tents, open on one side, with heaters. I think the big fire pit is stIll out in the open, without a tent.

Last year they kept it going all winter.
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