What's my style called?
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Instagram has, for the past year, exclusively shown me ads for clothing that I absolutely do want to buy right now, which suggests to me that I maybe do have a style. The problem is, I have no idea what it's called, and I'd love to find some blogs or real-person Instagram accounts to follow that feature this particular preppy-adjacent style.

Whenever you take those fashion quizzes online, you have to be "preppy" or "classic" or "romantic" or "bohemian" and I don't think I am any of those things. When I search for accounts or blogs that feature clothing in one of those styles, I don't see anything that looks like what I wear. If I had to describe my clothes right now, I guess I'd say like, preppy + lumberjack + toddler + '00s sk8er boi?

Stuff in my closet that gets a lot of wear include:
- this Faherty sweater
- this Sugarhill Brighton sweater and several of its cousins, which also feature exciting prints/color schemes
- this Boden dress in blue, with leggings
- corduroys/velvet pants in bright colors (bright green, bright red, mustard yellow)
- flannel shirts in a wide variety of exciting color schemes
- generally shirts/sweaters with big prints (stars, polka dots) or stripes or metallic bits
- vans or "fun" sneakers or boots
- I wear glasses and buy them online so I have a lot of fun colorful plastic frames

If it's helpful, I'm mid-30s, kind of medium sized (like a 12 or 14?), I brush my hair sometimes. Which is why I feel like "preppy" doesn't really fit, despite all the stripes (I wear a lot of stripes). No one would let me into a country club, you know?

So anyway! If you know what this is called or some blogs/accounts that are it, I would love to know! (or you can also tell me if it's just that instagram figured me out and I'm still a style mess, I won't be offended)
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Personally I (as someone else who also feels this style in my bones) kind of think of this as "kindergarten teacher / Ms Frizzle chic". I'm not sure how helpful that is in searching up anything but you are definitely not alone.
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Toddler Grandma was the name a few years ago, or at least adjacent to your approach.
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Oh, this sounds close to my style, at least when I left the house regularly enough to wear real outfits.

I definitely identify as toddler grandma or Ms. Frizzle, but vintage.

I wear a lot of classic silhouettes (fit and flare dresses, shift dresses with tights, etc), but usually with a whimsical pattern. or color. I often enjoy ModCloth, although sometimes their aesthetic isn’t exactly right.

I feel like perhaps my ideal would tend more toward dresses than yours perhaps? But Jess from The New Girl/Zooey Deschanel in general are often cited as folks who exemplify the style.

Also, as augustimagination says, you are not alone! We are right there with you :D
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Best answer: Your style is what if someone who coveted the Delia's catalog in 1997 is in their mid to late 30s now.

I don't know if there's more efficient terminology for that but it's exactly what that look is.

Toddler grandma has some overlap but is far too twee.
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Best answer: I love this style! I never related to the term “toddler grandma” because I hate dresses, but since I came out as nonbinary I have found myself describing my outfits as “androgynous toddler”/“grandpa”. I have also used the term “1950s French feminist college professor/Patti Smith/Athleisure/Cate Blanchett in Ocean’s 8”.
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Response by poster: Yeah, my style is definitely less feminine/Zoey Deschanel than toddler grandma is, though I agree that it’s adjacent.
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Best answer: Your style signals a certain degree of delightful queerness IMO and would warrant a head non from this masculine of center person. You might find things you like in masculine of center blogs or just stuff for queer people, however you identify.
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Best answer: Try the adjective "funky". That gets you the bright, bold, a little bit retro color combinations you enjoy.

If you look at things described as funky women's fashion, you'll also get a lot of busy floral prints, but you can combine "funky" with a keyword such as "preppy" or "queer" to narrow in on something closer to your personal style.
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Have you checked out Modcloth? They have a lot of stuff like this.
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I would describe this style as Gap Rainbow Sweater.
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