cataract lens replacement time: EDOF?
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Looking for personal experiences with true EDOF IOL lens implants.

I’ve already had one eye done with a single typical monofocal lens. works great! I’ve had it a few years and have no complaints.My ophthalmologist is excellent and he is consulting me on this as well. Just wondering if anyone had an experience to add regarding an EDOF (extended depth of focus) lens. (If you have one of these you know it; it’s not a multifocal lens).

thx again mefiters :)
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Best answer: I had cataract surgery on my right eye a month ago and had a (very expensive) toric EDOF lens implanted I have astigmatism, so needed a toric lens).

I've been short-sighted my whole life and to say this has been transformative would be an understatement. It's like the feeling you get when you walk into Best Buy and see the Ultra HD 4K TVs and you realise how crappy the TV is that you have at home. Vision in my right eye is now 20/20. The first time I looked at the full moon and saw it in all its clarity, I cried.

The lens I had is the Johnson & Johnson Tecnis Eyhance toric lens.

i get my left eye done in ten days' time and I cannot wait. I'm wearing a soft contact in my left eye at the moment (I'm about -5.5 with moderate-bad astigmatism in that eye). This has been a really good comparator for me to judge how good the sight in my right eye now is.

The clarity of vision at both distance and intermediate is quite astonishing. I can also see my phone and computer screen without reading glasses (although it is easier to read things on my phone with +1.5 readers). I'd discussed with my surgeon whether or not to have a lens implanted to give me near sight in my left eye, so I'd have monofocal vision and wouldn't need readers. But the intermediate vision is superb, and the almost-close-up vision is so good that I'm going for the same EDOF lens in my left eye.
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Best answer: I'd also add that night vision is superb too, with no glare or halos around street lights or car headlights.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Awesome. I know you are a sample size of one, but I had read online that some people did experience halos & trouble seeing in dim light with an EDOF (less than with multifocal tho), so this is cool to hear.
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The cost of the lens (£450 per eye) is three times as much as the standard monofocal lens, but my surgeon was very confident that this particular brand of lens was the best. I can't speak for any other brand of EDOF lens, but for me, this specific Johnson & Johnson one is well worth the money.
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Best answer: One eye done monofocal, other eye getting there but not quite ripe enough. Never heard of EDOF lens implants, so found some reading that worked for me:

So many varieties. I can see why some, with the aperture mask, might be a problem in low light.
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Response by poster: Essexjan - if the doc says he thinks it might be a good fit, I will definitely look into it further. : )
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The article the Real Dan linked to above speaks highly of the Tecnis Eyhance too.
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