Can you identify this song from "Little Murders" (1971)?
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A very groovy, swingy song plays in the 1971 film "Little Murders", starting at about 08:16: (it really starts swinging around 08:40). Do you know what the song is, and who performed it?

I haven't yet been able to find a soundtrack album for the film, if any--it's complicated by the existence of the band Little Murders, named after the movie.

I also notice that someone asked about this song on Reddit like ten months ago, with no answers. That doesn't bode well...but I hope someone here might have an idea.

It sounds to me like it's in Spanish, but googling a few of the phrases I can catch hasn't nailed it down yet.

Thanks for your help!
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Googling around shows that the composer is Fred idea what the song is called though.
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I tried Shazam, and it didn't help. I also zoomed ahead to the end credits of that clip and there's a credit for the closing titles music but not the music from the beginning. Weird. I'd suggest running it by a Spanish speaker. If they can translate the lyrics it might give you some clues.
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