spud-tacular baked potato toppings -- without dairy
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What do you put on your baked potato that is not sour cream, butter, or cheese? Please share your favorite toppings for baked potatoes served as a side or as meals.

Dietary restrictions: no dairy, no pork, no shellfish
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Nutritional yeast!
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Yes, garlic salt and nutritional yeast! Or your favorite salsa.

For a meal, black bean chili.
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Baked beans are also great on baked potatoes. I also like crispy fried onions (or the crispy fried jalapenos).
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Tahini (straight or as a thinned-out tahini dressing).
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Sauteed onions and mushrooms. Mmm. Splash of sherry vinegar if you're into that sort of thing.
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I would probably make a mayo-based creamy sauce. Chili is a great idea. You can probably find jarred dairy-free ranch. Oh, and curry! Vegan cheese if that's your thing.

Rando combos that sound good:
-Buffalo chicken, dairy-free ranch, scallions, bacon bits
-Black beans, corn salsa, a drizzle of thinned chipotle-lime mayo
-This is not even a recipe, but I bet it would be super easy to get a samosa flavor with peas, onions and spices. In fact, I am going to try it this weekend.
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Miyoko's cultured vegan butter... but that's a little obvious.

Kimchi - both your standard cabbage-based one and pretty much anything that looks good from the local Korean grocery

Sweet potatoes with Miyoko's butter, a liberal amount of thinly sliced green onions, and a dash of something spicy (ichimi togarishi or aleppo pepper in my house, but do what you have) are amazing. Also good on regular spuds.

Depending on your tastes and the blend, furikake is also nice. Make sure you don't use one with bonito flakes if you are erring on the side of vegan.

Deep fried shallots are lovely.

And... I put it on everything, but spicy chili crisp. Mmm.
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Chana masala is good on a baked potato.

Any spicy stew thing, really, especially if it's slightly too spicy and needs some bland carbs to balance it out.

Garlicky sauteed mushrooms, with or without some caramelized onions.

Seconding black bean chili or salsa, preferably with pickled red onions as well.
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Chives and scallions are classics, and lots of other chopped fresh herbs or herb sauces (pesto, chimichurri, etc.) work too.

Flavored or infused oils are great swaps for butter. We keep this butter-flavored one in particular — it inexplicably tastes exactly like butter, but is dairy-free.

Beyond just toppings, you can try rubbing the potatoes with oil, salt, and your spice blend of choice (olive oil + rosemary + thyme + oregano for Italian, sesame oil + za'atar for Mediterranean, etc.) before baking.
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Diced cooked bacon, steamed broccoli or asparagus, Trader Joes truffle seasoning powder, sautéed mushrooms, dairy free plain Greek yogurt.
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Chives are probably too plain to use them on their own, but they're so good.
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Tuna mayo
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Vegan ranch dressing and nearly any kind of veggies.
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Coleslaw, and seconding chili crisp.
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veggie chili or spicy black beans
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Barbecue sauce
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Steak sauce, especially with sauteed mushrooms and onions
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Olive oil
Roasted hatch chilies
Caramelized onions
Roasted garlic
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Chives! Chopped-up turkey jerky!
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Japanese curry. I just buy the premade blocks of roux and make according to package directions, add carrots and onions, sometimes a crumbled veggie burger. You can also go homemade. Just make sure to use oil or margarine where butter is called for. It's like a deconstructed shepherd's pie!
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Salsa, often with the aforementioned sour cream.
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Sauerkraut and corn!
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Brine the living shit out of your potatoes the night before you bake them, with one cup of kosher salt in eight cups of water. When you bring them out the next day, roll them extremely generously in fresh cracked black pepper, more kosher salt, garlic salt, and seasoning salt. Then bake them without wrapping them in foil and let the outside get crispy. Mix horseradish in with them as you slice open/mash/eat.
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Chili. Just needs a couple tablespoons for a side.

Steamed broccoli.
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I make a simple avocado spread that has a nice creamy salty flavor that pairs great with veggies and I think may go good. Avocado, onion powder, salt, and dried or fresh chives to taste.
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Rice vinegar can give potatoes a nice sour cream tang without the dairy.
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Thinly sliced garlic toasted golden brown in olive oil, with fried sage or rosemary if feeling it. Or with walnuts.

Baked potatoes are a tough vegan endeavor unless there's a competing texture (personal taste) -- so for example I can't handle the idea of salsa on a baked potato--but the components of salsa, without the wateriness, chopped up and integrated might be good.

You could also chop up scallions or onions and toss them in some cornstarch and fry them in olive oil, same principle.

I guess to distill: fry something crunchy in olive oil. It needs crunch and fat. And salt.
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There used to be a restaurant in Astoria, NY, called La Papa. Their specialty was stuffed baked potatoes. I loved this restaurant. Below are the options from their menu. Not all meet your criteria, but you might get some more ideas.

Unlimited Toppings
Choose Toppings: Artichokes, Bacon Bits, Beef Franks, Beets, Black Olives, Black Olive Paste, Corn, Fresh Broccoli, Green Olives, Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Onions, Pickled Cucumbers, Roasted Peppers, Russian Salad, Scallions, Sour Cream

La Papa Basic
butter, kasseri cheese, olive oil & two toppings

La Papa Creative

your choice of unlimited toppings

La Papa Sweetie
sweet potato mixed with cinnamon, butter & brown sugar with raisins, granola & marshmallows

La Papa Classic
beef franks, russian salad, pickles, green olives & corn

La Papa Chili Con Carne
chili con carne w/beans, jalapeno, tzatziki, corn & tortilla chips

La Papa Vegetarian
corn, mushrooms, russian salad, beets & black olives

La Papa All American
corn, sour cream, bacon bits, broccoli & pickled cucumbers

La Papa Steak
steak, onions, roasted peppers, mushrooms & russian salad

La Papa Polish

brazilian sausage, sauerkraut, onions & sour cream

La Papa Pizza
brazilian sausage, onions, black olives, peppers & tomato sauce
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Canned tuna, scallions, corn, peas, salt, pepper, some good olive oil. I use frozen peas and corn, drained and warmed up in the microwave until piping hot.
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Spicy tofu curd? You can take a piece, mince it, and throw it on your spuds kinda like spicy bacon bits.
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If you have a high-powered mixer such as a vitamix, make cashew cream. I pour boiling water over 2c "raw" cashews then let it sit for 4 hours. Then transfer the cashews to a high speed blender. Add enough fresh water and blend until creamy. Now, add salt & flavors. If you're looking for a sour-cream stand-in, try lemon or lime juice. Maybe the liquid from sauerkraut. Portion your cashew cream out and try mixing in different seasonings until you find something you like. It's pretty much a blank (slightly nutty & sweet) canvas for you to flavor as you see fit.

this recipe specifically suggests rice vinegar for making cashew sour cream, interesting! With a vitamix you can get a much creamier consistency than is shown here, just go up to the highest power setting.

I don't recommend cooking the cashew cream, keep it as a topping to add at the table. It burns in a weird way real sour cream does not, if you put it on heat.
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Mojo verde: blitzed olive oil, cilantro, vinegar, garlic, yumyum.
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Baked beans
Nutritional yeast
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One thing to keep in mind is that baked potato is like pizza - beyond a couple or so toppings, "more" rarely equals "better".
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