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There is a little boy in the toddler room at work who LOVES dinosaurs. They have a bucketful of plastic ones in there. He asked what this dino is called

and neither his teacher knew.
Mystery Dino

After a quick search, I think it might be a Plesiosaur. And that's probably a good enough answer for Ezra. But I thought I'd ask the Hive Mind too.
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Best answer: To me, that’s a plesiosaur. Unless scientists have given it a new name since I was young, like when they renamed brontosaurus as apatosaurus or decided Pluto wasn’t a planet.
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Best answer: Plesiosaur
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Best answer: Plesiosaur. Which is not technically a dinosaur, instead a marine reptile.
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Best answer: There are lots of plesiosaurs, but if you want a specific one that comes with a fun song, you could call it an elasmosaurus. (If you're more interested in scientific accuracy it's probably one of the other ones, elasmosaurus has a longer neck in proportion to the body, limbs, and tail).
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He owes me $3.50.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the confirmation. I'll forward this to the teacher he asked. He's actually not a toddler anymore, he's in the preschool. But he was hanging out in the toddler room yesterday because of staffing issues. So he asked his old toddler teacher.

Ezra will be stoked.
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