I need a facemask for my weird head.
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Hooray! It's another "I need a facemask" question! Snowflake details inside.

I just got a hearing aid in my left ear (hooray!), and between that, glasses that I wear all the time, and a face mask, the space over my left ear is FULL. So I need a different style of face mask. My specs:

- I have a big ol' head (hat size 7 3/4) with a wide face, so the bigger the mask the better. I have been using the Under Armour Featherweight sports mask for everyday use for a while now, and it's a decent fit, but ideally would be a touch bigger.
- With all that crap going on behind my left ear, I would love a mask that has straps that go around the head instead of over the ears. I know about the little things you can loop ear straps through that go over the back of your head, but I'd like something with straps because those little things never feel all that secure.

I mean, ideally, I'd get one of these, but they're not available right now. So I guess I'm looking for that-but-not-that. Has anyone found something like that mask that they'd recommend?
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If you're not opposed to logos, we just picked up some of these very heavily discounted MLB masks with straps that go around the head and they're pretty nice -- my husband has a larger face and beard and they fit him, and I have a big head but small face and they work for me as well. No nose piece if that's important to you though.
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There are KN95s with headband straps, if that shape of mask works for you:
white KN95 masks with headband straps
black KN95 masks with headband straps
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I have a pretty big head but am only L in Airgami, which goes up to XL if you need it, and I've been absurdly pleased with how much space there is under.
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dorothyisunderwood reminded me over on the blue in the latest FPP about masking of this search term we'd use over here to make searches for over-the-head loops easier: "hijabi". Try that as well as mask extenders (you can make yourself: just a piece of fabric -- I've seen crochet ones -- with buttons on the sides) for the earloop ones as well. They transform them to headband types.
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These velcro strap mask extenders are brilliant for holding the mask behind your head. I dislike loops over my ears, and these allow me to wear normal masks of all kinds - surgical, cloth, moulded - in comfort.
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