Looking for a particular recording of "Ain't She Sweet"
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Back in the 1990's I had a cheap compilation CD called "masters of swing" or something generic like that, including a version of "Ain't She Sweet" that I have been trying in vain to find (gone through many, many versions on Spotify). It is haunting me. Can you help me identify it?

This version sounded like it was from between, say, 1955 and 1980. It featured an orchestra backing a male singer with a Sinatra-like style but a more plummy, round voice than Sinatra. Instead of dance tempo, the pace was leisurely, and the singer's interpretation was what I might call... very lascivious. At one point he lets his voice drop suggestively very low on the word sweet.

Also, the standard lyric "well don't you think that's kind of neat?" was replaced with "That chick is mellow... don't you think she's neat?"

Ring a bell for anyone?
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Was it the Jimmie Lunceford version by any chance? It uses the "That chick is mellow..." line.

It's got a more leisurely tempo.
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Here is a list of many cover versions of the song - most with links to Youtube - it might help you narrow things down.
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I think this version by Sy Oliver is the one you are after - it includes "that chick is mellow". 1973.
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I can confirm the track in question does not appear on the cheap 1990s compilation CDs "Kings of Swing" and "Kings of Swing II" from my collection.
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I ran a Discogs search for "swing compilation 'ain't she sweet'" and narrowed it to just CDs released in the 90s. It brings back about 50 titles -- I wonder if you might recognize the CD cover while scrolling through.
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could the compilation be the great big bands with "ain't she sweet" by jimmy lunceford, originally issued in the 70s but reissued as a cheap cd/cassette in 1992?
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Best answer: or big bands- the golden era of swing volume 1 issued on cd in 1995 with "ain't she sweet" by the dorsey brothers.
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Response by poster: It's not the Sy Oliver or Jummie Lunceford versions — the videos at those links feature multiple singers in harmony, whereas this was just one singer.

@noloveforned has it! That's the CD I had. I am always surprised that there are neurons in my brain reserved for stuff like this but that's absolutely the cover. Thank you!

Here's the video for anyone who's curious. Funny how memory plays tricks on you; this recording sounds older and a little faster than I remember. But this is unmistakably it. Thanks Metafilter!
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