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Need a wfh job to work around caregiving and unpredictable hours.

I am fully involved in caregiving and find it rewarding for the most part. However, I am managing two households at a 1.5 hour distance without a car. Both my dad and partner have serious health conditions and I sometimes have mobility issues due to MSK problems. I need a job to work around this…

Can’t do stuff that’s on any kind of clock (like teaching ESL online or doing CSR), because I need to be able to leave on a dime if something happens with my dad (something does at least twice a week). Something outcomes-oriented would be ideal.

Must admit, between the drudgery (of housework) and the intense life-or-death moments that occasionally happen, 1) my brain is mush and 2) my motivation to care about business processes is minimal. For example, I used to work as a copy editor/proofreader, and I can’t imagine being able to do that now (ie have near-constant interruptions, so can’t focus. Really, having eg hours at a time to just think, about anything, would be a dream). In some other timeline, I wouldn’t mind learning to code. As it is, lol no. Or maybe not? Has anyone with these obligations found a way to steal some hours for learning, self-development, work?

Any other ideas welcome.

Ah before anyone asks, I can’t move my dad, because he’ll be disoriented if that happens (he can be somewhat independent only in areas familiar to him. I want to keep him walking, mobile, oriented, he will lose all that if he’s institutionalized in LTC here in Ontario, or even if I uproot him and put him in a new neighborhood, there is no doubt). I can’t move because I’m in one of the biggest real estate bubbles on the planet, currently. If I had a job, I could get a small mortgage and upgrade my space / location, obviously not in a position to do that now.

I have emotions about all this, but that’s for another question. For now, would like to focus on maximizing income given the situation described.
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Best answer: Writing or medical coding, perhaps.
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Response by poster: Thank you, kschang!

Here’s my sort of background (I’m embarrassed to say), in case it helps. So embarrassing :/
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Best answer: Not a job per se... but a lot of your constraints overlap with passive income or side hustles.
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Best answer: Transcription? Not sure how well it pays.
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Best answer: Very similar recent question.
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The post you linked as "background" makes me think you would enjoy coding (as in computer programming. I don't know about medical coding). However, programming is going to require just as much focus as copy editing. I don't think it is an easy solution to your current situation.
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What does OOL mean in this context?
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