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More private alternatives to for social bookmarking within our company?

We would like to use within our company to share bookmarks relating to industry news, best-practices, competitor activity and the occasional funny site. We'd like to be able to summarize the link, but by using they would have to be very generic, as we don't want to do our competitor's work for them.

Is there a more private social bookmarking site that we could use that would be password protected but still have the wonderful features outlined below?

Required traits:
- Tag bookmarks
- Get RSS feeds for the entire account and specific tags
- Easy bookmarking via a browser button or similar
- Multiple people can bookmark and view (but controlled, we're fine with sharing an account/password)
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Sounds like you're looking for ma.gnolia.
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Specifically, you could make a private group for the people in your office, and do exactly what you're talking about.
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You could just run a blog on your local network (Wordpress can handle everything on your list.) Authors could use a bookmarklet to easily post new links to the blog. Also, everyone at your company would be able to comment on links.
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(Also, now allows you to set bookmarks as private, if you just want to share an account.)
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You could install your own copy of Rubric on a company server. It provides pretty much the same functionality as
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Yahoo's other social bookmarking app, MyWeb provides semi-private bookmarking by groups, but might be weak on the RSS (Ma.gnolia might be better).

Scuttle is an open source project similar to Rubric but PHP-based and supports most of the API to boot (good for import/export and customization).
posted by lhl at 6:53 PM on April 6, 2006 will do all the above
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we've used rubric at work for some time, it works pretty nicely.
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