Health Tracker App for iPhone?
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I want a really simple Health Tracker for iPhone, something like these screenshots: A single screen for entering various data (weight, glucose, a1c, pulse, cholesterol, blood pressure etc.) Then another screen that shows that data, broken down by category, into charts from 1 wk to 5 years in the past. I'm not looking for health plans or videos, although those are fine if they have the above. Absolutely willing to pay for this, what do you suggest?

I'm currently using an almost ten year old app (BP Monitor) that doesn't seem to be actively worked on, so looking for an eventual replacement.
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Personally, I just use Apple’s health app and manually put in data. Great minimal app.

Though it’s not quite as simple as what you want.
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Best answer: I'm finding the Bearable app very useful. It's very customizable so you can remove or add items to make it as simple as you need it to be.
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Another vote for the built-in Health app, which may already be populated with some fitness-related data based on having your phone on you while doing stuff. Potentially not a selling point, depending on your level of comfort with the idea of sharing data, but the app can sync up with many online health portals, and data can be shared in both directions.
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On the contrary, the built-in Apple Health app is the only one where you have some control of your data. You have the option to deny access to the health data to any other app or third party.

Whereas any other app can send your data to any third party that it wants, or enter you into an ad network, or back it up insecurely, or go out of business and sell your information to the highest bidder.
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Response by poster: Bearable looks pretty promising, especially with the custom tags/fields, thanks!
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