Place to print a one off child's t-shirt that I design?
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Where can I get a one-off shirt made with a design I created, and have it shipped out by this time next week with it costing $35 or less?
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You might have local places you can support that will do this. I know in my (small, suburban) town we have a print shop that does this and then there is a franchise of a chain called Big Frog that also does it.
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One Hour Tees can have a shirt ready to go by today if you want it. If you're in Chicago you can come pick it up, but they ship nationally.
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Redbubble is neat, and then you can get a new one super easily when the kid inevitably loses the shirt/drops it into a grain thresher/has a growth spurt.
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If you have an inkjet printer and don't mind that it may not last as long as some other techniques, you can make it yourself with transfer paper.

Pro-tip - some printing places want the design as it'll appear but some want the mirror image. Be sure that you send the correct one, as not all companies check before printing.
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If it's a single, you can use transfer paper available at any big box office store. You can probably have it printed there too if your printer is not up to the task.

Office Depot / Office Max also do t-shirt printing, but they require 10 days lead time and a minimum qty of 6, so that would not work.
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I use Society6 and have been very impressed with turnaround time and print quality.
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I've used Vistaprint several times (including for this Christmas) and have always been happy with the result.
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Redbubble's full-color process on their "premium" tees is garbage. Like, peeling off before even being washed. Regular cotton Hanes tees did seem to work.
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