Your favorite bloat / pain friendly leggings
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I get chronic pain and often bloat. What are your favorite leggings to accommodate? With specifics of course.

I have days where I get severe abdominal pain and bloat. Enough to need to go up a size in pants or avoid pants entirely. So I like leggings with a shirt or leggings under a wrap skirt /dress.

What are some actual brands / styles to recommend?

Suitable for a very pear/hip/butt/thigh prominent body.
Must come in black or dark gray.
Highly prefer cotton blends.
Not see-through. (Again, big butt problems.)
Full length. (Mayyybe 7/8 as I’m somewhat short.)
Side pockets are a great bonus.
Super high waisted is my preference. I’m a short person with a tall rise. I find that more comfortable than things sitting on my hip bones.
I usually wear about an 8/10 in pants. So a M/L in leggings.
Fine with maternity but would like the stomach band to not have compression not be a totally different fabric. Many are advertised with stomach support and that sounds like torture.

I’m feeling overwhelmed with all the choices and how some people will love some and others say they are see through. Some offer support and compression but I also don’t want others to fall down. Uhg.
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The lululemon align jogger fits all your criteria beautifully except that they are a bit looser than leggings. So maybe try the align legging?
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I think the H&M Mama leggings meet all of your requirements. The Before & After line has a waist band you can fold or unfold so it can accommodate bloat or unbloat as required.
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Agreed that the Lululemon Align legging would be a good option - they’re super super soft and not compressive at all. They are high rise and have an option with pockets, and I think there’s a super high rise version too. They come in a bunch of different inseam lengths. Expensive, though!
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So, forgive me, I'm going to do that thing that I hate, where I don't quite answer your question - but I think Old Navy's wide leg yoga pants may be a good option for you here. They are very high waisted, not at all see through (in fact, they look like regular old palazzo pants, I wore them with boots and a cardigan yesterday to nice effect), come in black, are full length (I'm 5'3" with a 28inch inseam and got the petite, and they're perfect) and with a nice wide waistband that's not compressive. The only thing these pants don't have is pockets. I'm really appreciating that they look like real pants. I'm 200ish pounds and got a large; they're pretty generously sized.
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COSTCO French terry leggings. Lotsa cotton, spandex, they last forever, they are cheap, they come in black or gray. I live in these.
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These leggings would be perfect for you, I think. Ignore the fact that they say “tummy control” - they have like zero compressive qualities. I think all they mean by that is that the waist is super high. I think the S/M would probably fit you fine but you may want to go up to L/XL for extra comfy-ness. They are about 7/8 on me and I’m 5’-7”.
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Highly recommend the Aritzia Cheeky style 7/8 leggings in the Butter fabric for this. Comfy fabric, stretchy, high waist, no elastic waistband at the top yet somehow don’t slip down.
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