Fun places for kids in Denmark?
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Suggestions for fun places to take kids (ages 6 and 2 1/2) during 2 weeks in Denmark in June/July? Is Legoland Billund worth the drive from Copenhagen?

Not our first trip there, but the first with the kids as non-infants. We'll mostly be in Zealand and near Copenhagen, and so we've got Tivoli Gardens. We've promised the 6 yr old a trip to Legoland, but we aren't sure if it will be worth the journey - not that it's that far, but whatever... Ms. Chr1sb0y and I would be happy just hanging out in Copenhagen the whole time - and rental cars, gas and tolls really add up over there. Favorite castle/park/etc. suggestions are most welcomed.
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I've never been to it, but I hear Helsignør (The factual basis for Elsinor in Hamlet) is fairly cool. Not sure how much there is to do there for kids, though.
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We drove from Rosenheim to Legoland Germany over Christmas 2004. My son had just turned 7, and he had a blast. Admittedly, the long drive also got us to Stuttgart to visit some of my wife's friends, but even without that I think it would have been worth it.

It would have been even more worth it in the summer when the rides were open. ;)
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I went to Legoland when I was in Denmark with a friend, and even at 23 (and with no kids) it was great. We even rode the roller-coaster. All the kids there were running around having a great time. I would say that it's totally worth it.

Helsingor was really cool too, but probably not so much for the kids. It's not a castle the way that I usually think of them, more of an old mansion or something. They would probably like the underground bits though.

Also, in Copenhagen they have the Experimentarium, which is neat too. It's a hands on science museum, lots of stuff to play around with that we found really interesting.
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went to the legoland at about that age. can't remember a thing about it now, but i gather i enjoyed it at the time. of course, it's probably chanegd a lot since then. hmmm. think i still have my legoland driving licence somewhere.
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Another "yes" vote for Billund. I was 20 or so, and stilll loved it, wished I was 10 again...
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You MUST go to Legoland. It is awesome.
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