Sustainable, quality menswear?
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What are other small-run, responsible menswear manufacturers like Vollebak and Outlier?

I quite like the shirts I've bought from Outlier and the coat from Vollebak. They appear to be extremely well-built (I've had the shirts for years, but the coat is recent) and the companies seem to care about sustainability and quality and such. What are some other companies making men's shirts, pants, outer-wear, etc, that aren't fast-fashion or mass produced?

I mostly like linen or merino wool shirts or t-shirts and well-made shorts and pants. Don't care about suits and dress shirts.

I don't mind if something is expensive as long as that money is going to quality materials, fairly-paid workers, etc. I don't want to be "paying for the name" and I don't want things meant to last just a season or two.
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Best answer: First one that comes to mind - if a sleek, minimalist look is your thing - is Nomen Nescio.
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Response by poster: I'm surprised at the lack of answers here. More favorites than answers!

Since others obviously care about this topic, I'll offer some suggestions of my own:

Icebreaker. I have one of their coats and some of their t shirts and they're excellent. Everything they make is Merino Wool-based.

Alex Crane is another. I have their linen pants, shorts, and Sun Tees, all excellent.

Hopefully more people chime in.
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Since there seem to be slim pickings in this thread, I'll offer a couple options I have some — albeit limited — personal experience with.

Ministry of Supply talks a big game, at least, about sustainability and has a shirt recycling program. I have a couple pairs of their pants and while I had to accept that I need pants in an odd-numbered size, which they don't sell, I really like the fabric. I don't know how their workers are paid but the clothes are made in China, Indonesia, etc. so I'm not too optimistic.

Bluffworks pants are, in my experience, very durable. I have a couple pairs of their original pants from like 2012 or 2013 and they're still in really good condition. I sold one because I cycle a lot and I needed more stretch; I guess some of their other offerings stretch more but I haven't tried them.

I have a pair of what I think are Division pants from Mission Workshop and while they're a bit stiff, they stretch well and have held up super well through a lot of cycling. They say most of their stuff is made in California.
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