Tax counseling in San Francisco
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Tax Attorney or Accountant in San Francisco? I'm trying to get my financial house in order, and I've been bad about getting all my taxes filed a couple of years ago. Anyone have good experiences dealing with this in SF?

I basically need someone to hold my hand through touching base with the IRS seeing what I have outstanding, and setting up a payment schedule if necessary. I'm not sure if I need a Tax Attorney or if an accountant can handle this. I'm also not sure is the best way to go about finding this person so personal experience is best.

Note I don't think credit counseling is what I need I'm not loaded with debt I just need to get this tax situation handled.
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I have someone but they're in San Leandro, not SF. A nice couple who do this out of their home, are affordable, and do great, fast work. They are also available off tax season for questions and help and such. They've been doing my taxes for years. Email me and I will email you their name & phone number.
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I can recommend an excellent accountant in San Francisco. My email is in my profile.
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Congratulations on wanting to clean up a past mess. Failing to file or filing and not paying are quite different (I am not sure which it is for you). If your problem involved not filing and it involves substantial money (what ever that is for you) I would encourage you to consult an attorney as financial penalties can be quite severe. I hope you can get some direction from other MeFi posters. I googled " delinquent, taxes, IRS, penalties" and after wading through the ubiquitous "let us help you" these was a link to a Motley Fool article that summarizes the penalties.
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