Gift ideas for a 7 year old girl
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I want to get a 7 year old girl a couple of gifts in the next two months: 1. Something small (under $20) that's fun and classy for Halloween 2. A larger gift (under $100) for the holidays Knowing nothing about toys and games for that age group, I turn to you!

The girl in question is somewhat nerdy, likes girly things and dressing up, and is starting to get into Harry Potter and reading in general. I don't know her very well beyond that.

She has a house full of stuff from her much older siblings, so I'd like to find something unique or recently produced that she probably doesn't have already.
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For Halloween (and all the time) I recommend a set of wings - black feathers, white feathers, or butterfly (just one example, lots of cool ones on Etsy and elswhere). Can be used in a costume or just for fun.

Other things maybe:
- Big fluffy pillows
- Beanbag chair
- A cool diary with a lock and some cute pens
- Cozy socks
- Boogie board type writing tablet (comes in lots of sizes)
- Rock tumbler (we had a National Geographic one that was great)
- Heelies or a Skateboard (and knee/wrist pads) - get a good one, though
- Super cute night light (not that she's afraid of the dark, of course, but because it's cute! really!)

... and while craft kits can be great, please please choose one that does NOT require adult assistance.
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When my nieces and nephews were young I took advantage of Fat Brain Toys 'Shop by Age' filter. Here is the one for 7 year olds.
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Kinetic sand
Magna-Tiles/Picasso Tiles - for a more expensive one - my kids love the marble run one
PopIts (silicone bubble wrap) are apparently the current trendy toy for kids right now
Recently gave my 5 year old an outdoor explorer kit that my 10 year old keeps stealing from, especially for the binoculars.
If she likes dressing up and doing pretend there is a Disney Princess Trunk.
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I know it looks grimly educational, but I swear these Snap Circuit electronics kits have terrific play value — I have seen children in that age bracket fighting over them. It’s like Lego but electricity.
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If clothes are an option, things from Svaha are always a hit with the 7 year old in my life. Ticks the nerdy and dressing up boxes at least. And the cthulu pajamas were also a big hit with her goth parents!
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My daughter got a toy called Snap Circuit at 7.5. It has been non-stop fun for her and she turns 8 in December. I played with her the first hour and she took it from there. She plays with it at least 4-5 hours per week. The beginner set is only around $20.

If she likes Lego, then Lego Mario beginner set was also a HUGE hit with my 7 year old. It's interactive and you use an app to build and play with it. My daughter was ONLY into Lego Friends for a long while, but the Mario really took her by storm and she's begging for the expansions.

Arts and crafts sets are popular with the kids this age - stuff that makes bracelets or necklaces or include weaving of some kind seem to be the most popular.

Choose your own adventure books are also popular.
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My seven year old daughter covets a reversible plush octopus. I don’t know why. They have a number of creepy-cute reversible animalsthat would be good for Halloween.

For the bigger gift, Turing Tumble looks pretty cool. Or a really good Lego set.
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