ISO iOS photo collage app without monthly subscription - 2021 version
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I just need a super really totally basic photo collage app for my iphone. I'm willing to pay like $5 for it, but they all seem to have monthly $5ish subscriptions, even when they say "Free!" in the app store. Googling "free iphone collage app" just gave me more of the same - not really free or even cheap. Heck, photoshop itself is only $10 a month... cmon now. Help?
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Best answer: Looks like PicCollage is available on iphone - I've been using on android without any fees.
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Response by poster: Woo hoo, it actually is free! Just a little watermark and some ads, but that's fine. Thanks!
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Best answer: If you back up your pictures to Google Photos, I believe that it has a built-in collage tool.
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Best answer: The Layout app from Instagram has no ads, watermarks, or monthly charges. The choices of collage styles are a bit limited, but may work depending on your needs. To save a collage to your phone, (it assumes you want to share on social media so those are the top options) just touch Save and select Layout. The image will be in your photo gallery under Layout. (Or at least that's how it works on Android)
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Best answer: I use Collage Maker: LiveCollage. You can pay extra for additional premium layout styles, but it has plenty of options for free.
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