Good Italian bistro music?
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My SO is putting on an Italian wine tasting, and has tasked me with finding good music. I am clueless. I have three criteria that need to be met...

I have three criteria that need to be met:
1) Genre: EITHER music in the candle-in-a-Chianti-bottle and red-checked tablecloth vein OR
2) Good Renaissance-era chamber music (violas da gamba, etc)
3) Must be available online for download (Itunes, allofmp3, etc)
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posted by Faint of Butt at 9:04 AM on April 6, 2006

How about the soundtrack for Big Night. That's what I think of instantly for something like this.
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(p.s. I have no idea what your first criterion means.)
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I like Paolo Conte.
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You can never go wrong with Pink Martini.
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I second Paulo Conte.
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Mambo Italiano!
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Dean Martin sings Italian Love Songs? It's on iTunes.
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Second the soundtrack to Big Night - it's excellent.

Did Moonstruck have a soundtrack?
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Sergio Caputo is a lot of fun
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This is excellent, grazie!
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Here's the Moonstruck soundtrack mentioned above.
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Louis Prima! Fun, light hearted stuff, lots of it 60's Italian vibed.
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I downloaded Dino: The Essential Dean Martin from iTunes last time I had a dinner party that was itallian themed, and let me tell you - it's amazing to get hammered on good red wine to it.

You can't go wrong with Dino. Oh, and I think it was only eight bucks or something very reasonable like that for 20 songs.
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you gotta put some Jerry Vale into the mix
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Second Pink Martini. Sophisitcated, international, tasteful.
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Another voice for Dean Martin -- just this morning I was driving into work listening to the same compilation plaidrabbit recommended, and it's really a blast. (Italian Love Songs is great too. Oh, and it's not the season right now, but for future reference the Dean Martin Christmas Album is unbeatable.)
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Steve and Edie
Enzo Stuarti
Jimmy Rosselli
Vicky Carr
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Mix of Dean Martin, Louis Prima, Jerry Vale, and a few famous Italian Arias. Can't go wrong.
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You might be able to get or download some "greatest arias of opera." Familiar opera is pretty palatable, and nothing says Italian like opera.
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(self-link) Contemporary Italian folk + electronics Fiamma Fumana.

FF's Home album has a version of the WWII resistance song Bella Ciao (wikipedia) -- and here's Chumbawamba's version of Bella Ciao for download.

Somewhere, somewhen I found a music blog post with 20+ versions of the song...but my google-fu and technorati-fu both have failed to re-locate it. (Email me from the profile if you want me to have a look around my HD.)
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The two 'candle-in-a-Chianti-bottle and red-checked tablecloth restaurants' I went to in the past year were playing things like Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti -- both popular enough to be available online.
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If you like trip-hop/jazz/bossa-nova/lounge sort of in the vein of Thievery Corporation, you should look at The Dining Rooms, especially Experiments in Ambient Soul and Numero Deux, and Nicola Conte as both put out some damn smooth, fine Italian tunes.
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i am not sure if you can download these, but if you can find the soundtrack of the French movie Diva (1981) - available from amazon - then you can easily convert them to mp3s:

1) the aria "Ebben? ... Ne andrĂ² lontana" from the opera "La Wally" (composer Alfredo Catalani)
2) Sentimental Walk (or Promenade Sentimentale - composer Vladimir Cosma)

They are not very well known, but could be suitable for your party.
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