Help me buy what they won't sell me
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How do I buy a product from an online store in the UK that doesn’t sell to the US?

I recently found this really cool product that I would like to buy. The product is a kid’s suitcase that fits in an overhead bin and they can also ride on. The company is located in the UK. I contacted them by email and was told that they do not sell to the US. They said that product liability was so expensive in the US that they could not sell products here for at least 6 months. I have two trips scheduled with my kids in the next few months and I would love to be able to get this now because I think it would make traveling with little kids easier. How do I get one?
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Link doesn't work, bove.
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argh, sorry about that, here is a fixed link: trunki
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This site seems to be a wholesaler to the US and sells the trunki, maybe you can enquire through them?

There's also this alternative, although it doesn't look quite as funky.
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If you can't find an alternate place to buy from, you can find a British person (even someone working for the seller, if they're willing) who will take some money from you via Western Union or PayPal or something and then purchase the item you want and ship it to you. Maybe a business can't sell overseas, but a local can do whatever he likes with the item once he's bought it.
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If nothing else, if you're willing to send the money in advance, I'll buy it and send it to you. I'm quite trustworthy :)

I'll check this post later to see if you're interested.
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ascullion: since no one has come up with any other ideas that will work, I am interested in using you as an intermediate. We should probably do this over email, mine is in my profiel. Thanks.
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