Take an iPad to the Apple store or one of those independent places?
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My iPad crashed a long while back and all the photos were lost. I didn't have backups. I just want to recover the photos if it can still be done.

It's been sitting in a drawer for the last few years and I need to get this resolved. Is Apple the first stop, or do I visit one of those independent repair/recovery shops I see in the area? (I'm in the SF Bay Area).
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in my opinion, Apple first. Don't expect miracles, but they have more access to more tools for recovering data, if possible.
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In my opinion, get on the phone to iPad Rehab before talking to anybody else, especially Apple.

Apple will generally try to maintain the fiction that private data cannot be recovered from non-functioning iDevices because Security, and the fact that this is nothing but high-test marketing horseshit has never seemed to sway them.
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iPad rehab. They have some good videos on YouTube and they have mail in “we’ll get your data or you don’t pay” service. Apple will tell you probably that you’re fucked, actually though you don’t have water damage, right? It just died? They’ll probably still tell you you’re fucked. Watch some of the videos…many times she saves what Apple has said to kiss goodbye. Anyway, if the link doesn’t work Google iPad Rehab.
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sorry to piggyback, but is there an equivalent to iPad Rehab for a 2011 Macbook Air that had a brita pitcher of water spilled on it ~7 years ago? sob
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changeling, you can try to pull the SSD out of the MacBookAir and put it in an external case. I've used something like this one. Be sure you get the proper case for your model MacBook Air. Unscrew the 8 or 10 screws on the bottome of the MacBook Air, unscew the one screw holding the SSD, put SSD into case.

That assumes the water damage was due to the motherboard, and that the SSD wasn't affected. Otherwise, I know nothing that will work on water-damaged storage.
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Or you could call iPad Rehab and ask them who to talk to next. They'd almost certainly know.
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