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I’m looking for a list of DDOS attacks that show the date or date range, the targeted site or network, and the volume of the attack (bandwidth per second or total bandwidth.) It doesn’t need to be presented in any special way so long as the data is there. No interest in the identity or location of the attacker. I’ve been searching and have only been able to find aggregate reports. I have a small budget for this but probably can’t afford an enterprise-y data service.
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I don't believe such a list would be usable.

Info-security magazine claims that you're looking at 7-8 MILLION DDOS attacks PER YEAR ("15.4 million recorded DDOS attacks within another 2 years") and the article is probably written in 2020. And technically, they are talking about Distributed DDOS, which is another level up in sophistication.
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Response by poster: That’s a good point. I should have said I’m only looking for significant ones (whatever that means—basically large enough that compiling the information reasonably accurately is worthwhile.)

No problem parsing a huge database, though, if there were such a thing.
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