Cheap Massage in NYC
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I need an inexpensive, down-to-earth massage in NYC.

I'd like to get an inexpensive massage while in NYC through Sun.

I don't want a high-end, new-age, day-spa kind of experience -- I want someone (ideally a woman) who may or may not speak English to skillfully pummel the stress out of my muscles.

I'm staying in the Lower East Side, off Houston. Any local recommendations extremely welcome.
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There are cheap Chinese massage places literally everywhere in this area. I've never been so I can't offer specific recommendations, but I'm not kidding when I say it's hard to walk more than 10 minutes without seeing one, especially if you head south towards East Broadway.
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Best answer: Broadway and White just south of Canal, north west corner, there are stairs down on White. Highly recomended.

(I think its White, if not check a block north or south, the place has a little TV monitor on the street showing massages.)
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I once had a no-frills massage at the Russian Baths on East 10th Street. I don't know if they usually do massages or "massages," but mine was just a plain ol' massage. Let me stress the "no frills" part... (212) 473-8806.
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The Russian and Turkish baths is a very fun experience. There are FOUR kinds of hot rooms, a supercold pool, the massages are good, and you can get a platza (beaten with oak leaves)! Very no frills, but not creepy (everyone has to wear the same dorky shorts).
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Response by poster: Good lead, StickyCarpet. The place was right where you said it was. Pleasant atmosphere, competent masseuse, great price ($42 for an hour). Thanks!
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