Up-to-date Climate/Infrastructure Bill info? And can I do anything?
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There has been so much back and forth with the climate portions of the US Infrastructure/reconciliation bill(s) lately, I'm having trouble finding info that gives both the big picture (briefly) and up-to-date bulleted list of what is and is not on the table. In addition, it's unclear to me if there is any more complex political calculus beyond "it's all down to Manchin"? (Which would mean there's nothing, as a non-West Virginian, I can do to try to move the needle?)
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Best answer: Most of the discussion is happening behind closed doors, so the periodic updates in major news outlets like the NY Times and Washington Post are probably as much insight as most of us are going to get into what may be going on. Ultimately, we're not going to know what's in the bill until we get a public draft.

And likewise, because it's in the closed-door negotiation phase, I'm not sure there's all that much constructive that we as members of the general public can do, other than let our own members of Congress know what's important to us.

From a personal mental health standpoint, I would advise avoiding excessive doomscrolling and rumination on all of this. Sometimes it's helpful to accept that something like this is largely out of one's sphere of control, and instead find something else constructive to do -- perhaps another activity that in some way addresses some of the same concerns.
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Best answer: If you can tolerate Twitter, David Roberts (formerly at Vox) and Dr. Leah Stokes are accounts I follow for up-to-date information. Here's a post from Evergreen Action from 3 days ago on why we need the Clean Energy Performance Program (CEPP) in the BBBA. According to news reports, the CEPP is dead because Manchin wants it dead, and the White House is trying to find alternatives to make up for it. If you want the Democrats to stand firm "No Climate, No Deal," you should call your members of Congress and let them know, even if they are progressive D's.

On Manchin (from David Roberts)

Sunrise has a call this evening about what they plan to do in the next week: https://action.sunrisemovement.org/a/nothing-lose-sunrise-mass-call/?ms=popup
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