Ceramic Mug with Lid
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I would like several mugs that are the general shape of travel mugs (ie can fit easily in a cup holder) that can be run through the dishwasher and have lids. They don’t need to hold temperature any better than a regular mug and the lid only needs to keep liquid from splashing out while I traverse uneven terrain, nothing is getting thrown in a purse here. I have hopes of buying from an artist instead of a corporation. Do you follow any potters who make something like this? I’ll also take suggestions for non-artist made, as ultimately this is a niche that must be filled in my life. Many thanks!
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For the machine made variety - back when I went to work, I had a rotation of ceramic tall mugs made by Ello. Only some of the designs (eg the Ogden) fit into cup holders. The lids are plastic, tho.
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Best answer: This one, maybe?
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These are produced by an Australian company but look appropriate for your needs.
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2nding ello brand travel mugs. they usually have a pretty good selection at target if you want to see them in person
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My local TJ Maxx and Marshall's both have a selection of ceramic cups with silicone lids that are the exact size/shape of a standard to-go cup, just made out of ceramic/silicone, and they're less than ten bucks a pop.
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Calamityware by Don Moyer has a great ceramic travel mug!
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This isn't ceramic (it's made of old coffee grounds!) but is dishwasher safe, meets your criteria, and is rather interesting/cool:

Note - when I bought one a couple years ago lid was sold separately (a few euro more I believe).
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Nthing Ello, I bought two different models and love them dearly. They meet all of your requirements and can hold a truly vast amount of coffee.
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Here’s a good looking candidate from a company that showcases Native American artists.

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Response by poster: I went ahead and got a mug from Etsy. I am actually replacing an Eighth Generation mug that didn’t stand up to the dishwasher. I love it, but I don’t have spare capacity for handwashing, unfortunately.
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