short-sitting companion pieces for THE WIRE
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doing a big re-watch of THE WIRE with a friend and looking for single films that will be good interludes between seasons.

Of course all these incredible character actors have extensive imdb listings, but it's hard to say what's a bit part of you don't know the film.

i have seen the other DS universe tv shows like treme, shoe me a hero, the corner, etc, but what movies would be good interludes between seasons? Doesn't have to have cast overlap, but very here for that.

every re-watch of THE WIRE is better than
the last, and would love to hear what comes to mind for metafilter.

thanks y'all!
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Best answer: For cast overlap, the Amazon Series "Bosch" has the awesome Lance Reddick and Jaime Hector, both from The Wire.
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Best answer: Zero zero zero is a series and not a single film but it is a great companion, particularly to season 2
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Best answer: Clockers
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Best answer: Maybe Gridlock'd with Tupac and Tim Roth? Lots of similar themes and just a beautiful movie
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Best answer: Seconding Clockers, adding Traffic between the first season and the second, American Gangster between the second and the third, Stand and Deliver between the third and the fourth, and Zodiac between the fourth and the fifth.
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Best answer: As an adjunct, the writing of D. Watkins (of [B]East side of Baltimore) harmonizes with The Wire, nothing in video yet, though We Speak for Ourselves is a quick read. The Interrupters (a documentary about After) is an alternate. Both have ties to Johns Hopkins.

There isn’t much on the Greek mob- maybe Astoria (series) or Shelter, which is definitely not at the level of The Wire.
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