Plus-size women’s cold-weather exercise gear
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Before pregnancy, I used to run for exercise, but I haven’t been able to do it regularly since then, and that was a few pants sizes ago. Life is settling down now and I’ve begun biking and running regularly again, but cold weather looms. What should I wear?

Looking for recommendations of good online retailers and good brands/styles, especially for pants. Close fitting is fine and actually preferred for pants as long as it is designed to fit a size 16-18ish body. Small zip pocket for key/ID a big plus. I need stuff for a temperature range that spans roughly 10 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
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At the spendy end, both Athleta and Girlfriend Collective make solid outdoor leggings in a range of sizes.
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LlBean makes lined 'perfect fit' stretchy pants that are affordable, comfortable. Unlined ones, too. I don't have the lined ones, do have some unlined; they wear forever, comfortable, look pretty good. Also more expensive athletic versions. XL = 18-20, Plus sizes available.

disclaimer, I work there sometimes, would never recommend a product I didn't think was worthwhile.
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I'm your size and Old Navy does me just fine; once I warm up, I don't need super heavy layers. They're doing 50% off the whole store this weekend too. Lots of options with a variety of pocket types.

I like the Coze Core joggers for wearing but prefer side pockets for exercise.
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Superfit Hero leggings and capris! They aren’t lined but they are thick and stretchy - I wear them to run outdoors in Buffalo winters, at or below the temp range You’ve stated. They serve the plus size market exclusively, and are great at helping you find the right size (and for returns if not).

The pockets don’t zip but they are deep and snug - I run with keys in one and phone in the other, and never worry about things falling out.
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Baleaf brand stuff on Amazon. Cheap, warm, covers significant booty and thick thighs, and yes, pockets. And they’re like $20-$30 a pair.
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