Looking for specific quick-dry board shorts
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I'm looking for a replacement for a pair of magic shorts.

About a decade ago I bought a pair of clearance sale board shorts (I think Speedo was the brand) that had magical drying properties.

In the sun they got bone-dry in about ten minutes, indoors they dried in a couple of hours. In contrast, my new (Quicksilver Manic) polyester shorts hang all night in the shower and are still damp the next morning.

The texture was sort of rough and crinkly, and thinner than most swimsuits I've worn, but still opaque. They had no mesh liner. Are there modern board shorts that are made of similar stuff? And -- what is it?
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Birdwell Beach Britches dry fast. They’re nylon, tight woven, so basically waterproof. Just shake them off.
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Pretty much anything synthetic will dry quickly. I like Orvis Tech Cargo Shorts, and Wrangler Authentic Cargo Shorts. 100% nylon, dries in minutes. Great for kayaking or whatnot, but because they are nylon, they don't breathe. Outdoor sports and hiking? Sure. Sitting in an office chair all day? Not so much.
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