How can I legally and ethically watch Hannah Gadsby's "Nanette" special?
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I haven't had a Netflix account in years, so consequently I'm one of (apparently) few people who has never seen Hannah Gadsby's "Nanette" special on Netflix. I'd love to watch it, but due to the Dave Chappelle transphobic special that recently aired I don't want to give Netflix any of my money. How can I watch Gadsby's special without breaking any laws or signing up for Netflix?

Netflix no longer offers a 30-day free trial, so that's out. I considered signing up just to immediately cancel after watching the special (and selecting "transphobic content" as the reason for cancellation), but Netflix doesn't offer any money back on subscriptions on a prorated basis so I'd be on the hook for a full month subscription fee, which conflicts with my "I don't want to give Netflix any money" requirement.

Apparently all of my friends/family are either Hulu or Amazon Video people without Netflix subscriptions or have already cancelled their Netflix subs in protest, so sharing an existing account is also out.

I went to Gadsby's website to see if I could purchase it there, but it seems that only an audio recording on vinyl is available (and I have no way to play vinyl).

I'll happily throw some money at whatever (ethical) service will allow me to watch, I just don't want any dollars going to Netflix.
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Best answer: Ask your library, maybe they have a Netflix subscription.
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Find a T-Mobile customer who took advantage of a free Netflix subscription.
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If you're in the US, you have a means of playing DVDs and you don't mind paying $16.85 plus postage, there's a very-limited-edition promo DVD on EBay.
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It's $11.70 with postage from this seller (I included a random other DVD per the seller's request).
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Seconding the library. The screener DVDs that I get like that very explicitly say that it's illegal to share them/for anyone other than the recipient to watch them.
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... ah, having seen pinochiette's comment, I retract my suggestion. Sorry, didn't know that.
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Please check your MeMail.
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According to Just Watch (pretty reliable in my experience), Nanette is available only on Netflix.

There are lots of ways to skirt copyright, but legally and for Gadsby to benefit, I don't think there's anyway to do this without going through Netflix. Netflix, so far as I know, doesn't offer any packages to libraries.

I'd poke around more (in a new browser you never use otherwise) and see if you can find a trial.
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Best answer: Ask your library, maybe they have a Netflix subscription.

Netflix does not have a model for libraries, agreeing with bluedaisy. I have a Netflix account, if you'd like to use mine to watch just this episode feel free to MeMail me (or possibly take other people up on the offer to do this).
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