Why do they not recommend that concussed people drink alcohol?
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Why do they not recommend that concussed people drink alcohol?

All the online resources I've found thus far don't get to the point (e.g. what short or long-term harm will drinking do to a concussed person). Yes, I'm concussed right now. And yeah I've already seen a doctor. Silly me forgot to ask him about this though. And yeah I got slightly tipsy after suffering a pretty severe blow to my noggin. The poor car I was driving wasn't so lucky. That is all.
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Because you are more likely to fall and do more damage to yourself.

Sorry to hear about your head and the car.
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There's a few reasons

- If your condition worsens, you might not be able to respond to a caregiver. This could cause a misdiagnosis.
- You might not be able to recognize warning signs of a more serious injury. This could result in delayed access to care.
- If you were given painkillers, there can be a reaction between your medication and the alcohol.
- Your body will be slower to heal. When you consume alcohol, your body considers it a poison and considers its first priority to get the alcohol out of your system, not heal your injury.
- Studies have shown that the symptoms of a concussion are very similar to the effects drugs such as alcohol. So if you drink alcohol, the effect is greatly intensified.
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One reason: after concussion it's important to be weary of a degeneration in neurological status indicative of a more serious complication of head injury. If such a complication occurred, a person taking alcohol might not notice because (a) their judgement is impaired; and/or (b) "Oh, it's just the alcohol, I'm fine"... catastrophe.

On preview: aristan's (is that nickname a reference to "The Magnificent Nose" book?) second point.
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Because it makes you funk as druck.
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Why do they not recommend that concussed people drink alcohol?

Seems that the poster is asking why the doctors do not emphasise abstinence from alcohol, leading him/her to drink a little. Most posters so far have answered as if s/he asked the opposite question: Why don't they recommend that concussed people do not drink alcohol?

And I don't have an answer for that.
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Why do they not recommend that concussed people drink alcohol? = Why do they recommend that concussed people not drink alcohol? (In this case, at least.)

Alcohol thins the blood and reduces the body's capacity to heal. Also, it is a vasodilator, and so it may cause swelling in the concussed area, which really not something you want when you've taken a knock to the braincase.
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. . . which is really not . . .
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Bottom line? Alcohol is a poison. That nice toasty warm, slightly disoriented feeling you get when drinking is a side effect of your body coping with the damage that it causes.

In a normal healthy person, the damage is relatively transitory, heals quickly, and you go on to drink another day. In a person who is already recovering from other damage, causing yet more damage is contraindicated.
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My concussion confused me to the point where I thought that drinking would cause further (perhaps irreversible) damage to my brain. Thanks for all the responses though. I'm feeling much better today too. Of course it's just a shame that unfortunately the car I was driving has been written off.
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