Covers of Bizarre Love Triangle
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Are there any other covers of the song Bizarre Love Triangle (by New Order) other than the ones by Frente and Stabbing Westward?

Second Hand Songs only lists Frente and Stabbing Westward, but have other bands/artists covered this spectacular 80s song?
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Best answer: AMG lists versions by the Crystal Method, Brand New Heavies, and Poi Dog Pondering, among others.
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You can watch a video of the Commercial Breakup version here. I'm pretty sure that you will not thank me for this.
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The Boo Radleys covered True Faith entitled Boo! Faith, found on their album Learning To Walk.

And to connect it to the question - its the very next track after Bizarre Love Triangle on Substance! OK, tenuous.
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Itunes seems to have 9 or so versions, including the one by Litmus. That Litmus album has, I guess string orchestra, versions of a bunch of songs by Manchester bands.

Good God don't preview the Commercial Breakup version.
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Best answer: New Order Online says:

Commercial Breakup
Dance Upon Nothing
Days of Fate
Even As We Speak
Individual Industry
Judson Leach
Stabbing Westward
The Eight Circle
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Oh man, now I have to go find my copy of the Frente album. Thanks. And I fear that it's in Toronto, which is going to make this difficult. :)
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I have one by Entropy64 (found on iTMS), which is a sort of synth-poppy thing with female vocal. It's sort of ehhhh.

I have this terrible habit of going "cover-searching" on iTMS, and I can spend hours doing it. And, unfortunately, buying too many of them because I can't always tell from the 30 second sample whether they are going to suck or not when stretched out to 4 minutes or so.
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I think the Crystal Method one got some radiotime. Or maybe that was Orgy covering ... what was it? Blue Monday?
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Doing a search on the emule network I also find (unverified) versions by

Chassis (?)
Jammel e Uma Noites - Chuva na Janela (Bizarre love triangle)
Chemical Brothers
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Sorry that should be Jammil not Jammel.
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Alt F4: Orgy's Blue Monday cover got a TON of radio play, so that's the one you're probably thinking of.
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I think there have actually been more covers of Blue Monday made...or maybe I just like those ones better.
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The Crystal Method did a remix of "Bizarre Love Triangle," which showed up on the Future Retro compilation.

Do not trust emule or soulseek when it comes to artist/title listings. They will tell you that "Send Me An Angel" was done by Pet Shop Boys and that Phish covered "Boyz In The Hood."
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I have the Frente version from Samsung Chillout CD (promo cds are awesome, snatch). I'd love to here the other versions. E-mail in profile.
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R.E.M. used to perform it live back in the mid-80's. I've a couple of bootlegs from their Fables Of The Reconstruction era.
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