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So I accidentally have some work pants that are a bit too tight-looking. I need loooong tank tops to cover everything. I saw a similar question but it was not specifically asking about long tanks. Any in-stock favorites? Thanks!
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I wear tank tops under almost every top I own. Target used to have a perfect line of tanks for layering called Mossimo Long & Lean which they discontinued a few years ago and I have not known wardrobe peace since. Looking at their site now, they have a couple of options that might be worth taking a flier at the price, but it's unclear, especially on that second link, how long they run and where they hit on the hips. People on Reddit are lukewarm on the consistency.

The best substitutes I've found to date are the Favorite Tank Tops at Gap Factory, which are below the hip length to begin with and also come in tall. They have a ribbed version that is a little less stretchy (and therefore holds shape better) but a bit shorter in length - though they do also come in tall, which depending on your height might make them work.
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Duluth's No Yank Tank? I don't own any but here's a review of it.
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I would look at men's tall tank tops.
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I don't know if these are still in stock, but I will continue to wear my Target Liz Lange maternity tank tops for as long as the fabric will stand up to washing. (For what it's worth, my youngest child is six, and they are still going strong.) As far as I can tell, they are simply regular racerback tank tops, just very long.
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I learned to take my husband's tall tank tops, because the women's won't stay tucked in. I still buy them, the color selections are narrower than the tanks marketed to women but i mostly wany neutrals anyway.
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My wife loves Duluth's No Yank Tanks - hmmm, we have to get some more.
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Old Navy's First Layer tanks are longer than other tanks I own.
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torrid's "foxy cami" are 30-34" long which i love.
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Old Navy has a line of tunic cami's as well that I own about a bazillion of. They're cheap and dont last long, but the are really long, especially if you buy them in the long size (vs regular or petite) . This is the canadian link (sorry).
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Wow, Old Navy does have the "long tank" market covered. I wear the "high neck luxe swing tank" all the time. Quality is indeed kind of poor (pilling) but the fit is great over pants where you need to cover your butt.
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My absolute favorite long tank is the foundation tank from Universal Standard! So wonderfully, perfectly looooong.
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Response by poster: @fairlynearlyready I see tanks as well as dresses and shirts titled "foundation" but not actual foundation tanks on the universal standard site. Can you advise as to if any of the tanks on the site are the right ones? Thanks!
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